gaiman_cthulhu (gaiman_cthulhu) wrote,

Arg! Mission Statement. Arg!

Mr. Gaiman the pitiful little human scribe of doings that transpire on the edges of our Great Domain, made the foolish mistake of challenging his blog readers to translate "this blog, or selections from it, into any other language than English." little does Mr. Gaiman know that his miserable little bloggings have attracted the attention of the Great Eldritch Crawlies From The Wailing Pits Of Beyond, and I, their scribe and prophet, the Not-Quite-Sane Arab Al-Ezkra, have for years translated his clumsy English mutterings into demented Lovecraftian blog-sonnets! Enough of this, say I! In the interests of advancing the cause of the Elder Gods, I will translate not only for them, but for you, pitiful mortal! From now on, this blog shall be consecrated in the name of Cthulhu and dedicated to the translation of that Mr. Gaiman's blog into Cthulhuese, so that the unseen workings of the Elder Gods shall be revealed in all their Eldritch Glory!!!!!!

Mr Gaiman: "The only condition is that you translate as best you can and don't stick your own opinions etc in, or add exciting adventures for me where I don't have any in the original"

You should be so lucky, Mr. Gaiman! BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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